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An initial decentralization of education began in 1971/72 at the University of Madagascar, and the first year of Natural Sciences was opened in Tuléar.


The choice of content was particularly moved by the specificity of the Southern region of Madagascar.


Indeed, the province of Tulear is recognized in the scientific world by its endemism of terrestrial animals and plants about eighty percent, some whole families like those of Didieraceae, Rhopalocarpaceae. Most of these plants have medicinal properties.


In addition, the different ecosystems of the southern region of Madagascar, also known in the Indo-Pacific, and reported in
the major basic treaties, fully justify the establishment of the Natural Science training.
 The particularities of the Tulear region in the field of Natural Sciences must also open up perspectives on the one hand towards
terrestrial biological sciences and on the other hand towards the earth sciences in Madagascar for the biodiversity of the region.
With a view to changing the programs of higher education within all the Universities of Madagascar and the application of the
LMD system, the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Tuléar becomes Science and Technology Domain, constituted by
four training offers: Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, Physics and Application and Applied Geochemistry, then the Faculty of
Science has vocational training in Biodiversity and Environment.
Over the last three years, the number of students has increased steadily, especially the number of students in the 
Biology category.
Life sciences, one of the branches in the field of Science and Technology of the University of Toliara, and as it should be
in the current University system, has also adopted the system L.M.D.
This decision de facto induces an adjustment of the academic paths within the said mention, as mentioned in the table below.

Ancien système

L.M.D système

Fist year


Semester 1

Semester 2

Second year


Semester 3

Semester 4

Third year


Semester 5

Semester 6


That is to say, in the L.M.D system, the orientation towards the specification of the formations offered is carried out rather 
early, and this in comparison with the old system. The specific orientation towards biology begins from semester 4, so that
the reinforcement continues through semesters 5 and 6, for the graduation license.


 After the bachelor's degree, the aforementioned mention also has a course for Master and Doctorate (already accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education), and therefore requires addition of possibilities and means to be able to align with the Needs of the training offer.

 In order to be able to offer the most appropriate and professional training courses, the mention Biological Sciences must be 
strengthened from the financial and especially from the technical point of view.
Indeed, this mention has few materials, namely: 6 microscopes, 20 slides and slides already prepared for 100 students.
 Goal :
Our goal is to improve research, scientific cultures and better results so that scientists perform better and produce more
technical progress in research and development.
 Overall objective:
Our overall objective is to support teachers in the pedagogical teaching of specific scientific practice. The aim is to improve
teachers' working conditions so that they can produce more practical exercises and thus.


Specific objective:


Our specific objective is based on the availability of microscopes and scientific products.



To do this, we will refurbish microscopes stored at the Lycée Saint Marc, clean them up and check their functioning in order to bring as many possibilities as possible and that scientists perform better. In addition we take care of the purchase of small scientific materials such as slides, slides, complete dissection kit, hypothetical movements, dyes, costar pipette, object slide, Giemsa oil, 20 microliter tip, compressed bleach , Alcohol sprinkle, iodine green, Congo red, and finally iodine green carmine.

Project development

Preparation of microscopes

A shock team